Your 21st is on Saturday and you don’t understand how badly I want to send you a text I’ve had written out for you for awhile now… But things are different. I’m accepting how selfish you were to move on so fast and how disrespectful it was towards me. After the two years we spent together, you would expect a little respect for me. But life happens and you get hurt by the people you love most to show you who is really worth your time and love. I’m happy I’ve got the right people in my life and all my love has been going to them. No more wasting energy, love, and time on where it wasn’t appreciated. Someday, I’ll meet someone who will make love ooze out of my heart because I’m so in love, and someday someone will feel the same way about me. Until then, I’m going to fall in love with myself and send my love to you from afar. Wishing you well, bubba.


"She helps me…… just be more honest, I think, with my songwriting and just, the things that I do because I want to be that example for her. She’s curious now. Just an example of like, being yourself and it’s okay to speak your mind. It’s a fine line between showing her that and disappointing her if that makes sense. I think as we both grow up, I am more responsible with what I do creatively, for her, so that she can be proud of the work that I’ve done. I want her to see that I didn’t give up on my dream and inspire her to do the same thing…."

(Behind The Seen:Documentary , Souled Out)